Classroom Workshop

The Hedgerow Safari programme has been a tremendous success, with children from as far apart as Cornwall and Galloway having fun discovering the wildlife that makes an organic farm its home. However, because our farms aren’t accessible to every school in the country, some schools are missing out on the Hedgerow Safari experience. To help to remedy this we have decided to offer Classroom Workshops, led by our ever-popular Oliver┬áCollins, to enable pupils to discover organic farming in the classroom. The workshops will include a DVD showing of “A Day in the Life of an Organic Farmer” and a short discussion on the benefits of organic farming to wildlife. This will be followed by activities including the making of a Hedgerow wall frieze which will help children to learn about native UK flora and fauna.

The workshops last from one and a half to two hours and are completely free of charge. The wall frieze will stay with the school so there is the option of further work to be based around it. Copies of the Field Studies Council Hedgerow Guide can be left with the class along with a copy of the DVD.

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