The Hedgerow Safari van and Event Leader Finlay McLaren are back on the road! Finlay will be running safaris around the country for primary school children throughout the summer. From Devon to Lancashire and East Sussex to Shropshire, our aim is to get as many children as possible onto our organic farms to discover our natural wildlife and how it benefits from organic farming practices.

Already this year we’ve had a number of farm visits, and despite the cold spring the wildflowers have given a good showing and spiders seem to be doing particularly well in the pasture. With the warmer weather the hedgerow plants are flowering and soon enough there will be all sorts of insects buzzing around. Some pollinate the hedgerow flowers, which in turn provide food for larger animals in the shape of seeds, nuts and berries. Other insects such as ladybirds are voracious predators and help our farmers by munching their way through pest insects, particularly aphids.

The Hedgerow Safaris transform our hedges and field boundaries into an interactive day of discovery for children. From buttercup to butterfly and woodlice to wood mice, children (and adults) are able to get up close to the wildlife that benefits from organic farming practices. With their wide-open spaces and carefully managed hedgerows, our organic farms provide excellent habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals.

As well as discovering all about the wildlife they find, children also have the chance to discuss why so many different plants and animals choose to call organic farms home.

For more information on farms and visits, please fill in the sign up form, making sure to include an address and contact details.

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